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How to use Spreadless?

A step-by-step overview of how to use the Spreadless website!

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Introducing Spreadless.

The all-in-one explainer video.

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download (12).png

Here's the risk of someone getting COVID-19 within 5 minutes of exposure vs distance.

This is the Relative Pixel Density vs Cough Strength

download (14).png
download (15).png

This is the chance of someone getting COVID-19 at 3 ft vs cough strength

Same thing, but at 6 ft vs cough strength

download (16).png
download (17).png

And finally, at 9 ft.


Convolutional Neural Networks are a class of deep learning neural networks that analyzes images.


Findings were correlated with data from the Lancet Medical Journal, and we found remarkable similarities.


We are two 17 year old high school students who set out to democratize cognitive science for non-research applications. 


Check out the numerous educational graphs, guides, videos, and other resources we've made to help you understand our technology.


This site helps individuals understand their personal risk of transmitting COVID-19, and data collected can be repurposed for science research and policy-making.

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